Wednesday, March 23, 2011

little signs of spring

{Welcome Spring} ...!!

cottage style

Fabrics have an amazing way of adding cheer and style to a room ... pictured above are a few fabrics that I like. They have a cottage, inviting, happy feel to them! :)

the door knob

The old door with a new knob ...

When we dug into this house, we decided we would keep all the original doors and door knobs. Last week I found myself stuck in my bathroom when the old door knob malfunctioned and I ended up spending an hour an a half waiting to be rescued by my husband!
I didn't have a cell phone with me but luckily the room does have a window and I was so glad when my neighbor came home and was able to yell to her from (2 stories up). "Can you call my husband? I'm stuck in my bathroom!" (It's a very funny story and someday I'll share it in more detail).
Needless to say, we replaced the door knob with a new, functioning one! It's perfect.


Fill a vase with fresh flowers .... This is one of my favorite ways to add color and life to a room!
Ta dah - instant wow.

Friday, March 11, 2011

White dinnerware.

There is something so calming (to me) about white dinnerware. White. Simple. Beautiful. Elegant.

Source: Pottery Barn

Another Pottery Barn room ...

Love it.

words on the wall ...

I really like this dining room :) ... I especially like that there are words in blue on the wall (look up and see them).

A Pottery Barn room.

Love the feel of this room ... the big basket of flowers makes me smile :)

Pen and Ink ...

Love this Pottery Barn pillow ...

Item details: Pen & Ink Calligraphy Pillow Cover - $25.00

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates in the dining room ...

The dining room.


Beautiful. I enjoyed them for an entire week :)!!! Amazing how flowers can add so much joy to a room.

a beautiful little chandelier ...

For Christmas, my Mother-in-law, surprised me with a little chandelier. I had my Father-in-law rewire it so it could become a swag light (plug in) so I can hang it from the ceiling and turn it on/off from the chain/switch. It turned out wonderful and I love it!
Thanks Chris and Gwen :) ...

All I need is some white thread ...

I finally finished the curtains for 2 of the windows in the dining room. They turned out great. I enjoyed hanging out with the sewing machine and getting this project finished. :)


I found these white ruffle curtains at Target and thought I would try them around the house... I didn't end up keeping them because they looked like a big wedding dress hanging from the window :) - They were pretty but not what I had in mind.

forks and spoons.

I bumped into these really cute fork and spoon dish towels and thought they would add a little 'spark' in the dining room. I'm not sure where they will end up ... :)