Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Refinishing hardwood floors

We loved the old, original floors in this 1944 home and decided to refinish them ourselves ... it was a great deal of work and very dirty. We are very pleased with how they turned out! It's always fun to hear people say: "These floors are gorgeous!" and we like to reply: "Thanks, we did it ourselves!"

Special thanks to for including us as part of their article on refinishing hardwood floors -
(Read the article here) 

vintage vents

Love the vintage vents in this old place ... so charming and such a fun reminder of the past.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Serious Gray

The upper color is the new color. Sherwin Williams / Serious gray ... Looking 'Seriously' good!

A vintage bed gets a new look!

Found this old bed frame at a garage sale and it's been hanging out in the backyard for a few years! I finally had a chance to give it a new look! I like how it turned out. The grey color has a purple look to it.

Vintage sewing table with a shabby makeover

A beautiful, vintage castaway gets a new look! I found this on the sidewalk with a FREE sign attached ...
It was fun to make it over and give it NEW life!

Antique white - Dutch Boy paint.

Bathroom with trim and subway tile

Love how this bathroom turned out. Has a cottage, vintage shabby feel ...

Bye bye moss.

There was moss on the clay roof so my husband used a power washer and sprayed it all off. This was a big job and it took about 5 hours. I had no idea that the water would run red from the clay! Oh, what a mess.

For the record - it worked! The roof looks brand new. Bye bye moss :) ---

And yes, my husband is a total Superman!!

New trim

We spent spring break working on finishing all the trim work in this old place! Love how it all turned out.

New paint for the outside of the house ...

We hired a Painter to repaint the outside of this place. He has been here for almost 2 weeks making it look good. I'll share before and after photos when he is done!

Making progress!