Thursday, September 29, 2011

Begin. Continue. See the progress ...!!

Let's do this ...
The day with a jackhammer ... (the sound is still ringing in our ears)!!

Check that out!
A couple of months later ... the rubble turned to dirt.

The driveway is now dirt mixed with gravel. WE are making progress ... :)

I think we can ...!!

"... raise your sights and see possibilities -- always see them, for they're always there." — Norman Vincent Peale

(I see a fence and a concrete driveway)!!!

The driveway (with gravel) ---

WOW! :)

Just part of the journey ...

Watch out! Broken water meter box and two mountains of gravel ... (NO PARKING)

All in one day ...

The gravel truck.
moving the gravel around the driveway...
The concrete cutting guy ... (we needed an old piece of concrete in the back of the house cut away)
It's been one busy day!! :) The little boy next door loved seeing all the BIG trucks come and go.

Gravel for the driveway ...

Driveway project ... Gravel. Up next: spread it over the entire area that will be covered with concrete.

Crashing down ...

Have you ever had a day like this?! :) ... everything feels like it's 'crashing down' ...
I sometimes have them too.
While dropping off the mountains of gravel, the gravel delivery driver drove over our water meter box... Yup, it came crashing down.
No worries - we'll get another one tomorrow or the next day or the next!
Moving forward.

Excavation day ...

Orange cone ...
future driveway ...
Equipment in the backyard.
Excavation work = level ground. Up next: gravel ...

Monday, September 19, 2011


Our new (old) house ...

flowers on the steps ...

I think fall is here ... there's a pumpkin by the front door and mums on the steps! Come in and enjoy some homemade bread and a bowl of soup. :)

Looking better (in the backyard) ...

Sprinklers are in, one old tree is out, the ground is almost ready for grass, to the right of this photo is ready for concrete and the wood fence ... GO TEAM!

The backyard tree (in a pile) ...

There it is - one of our backyard trees in a pile.

Dirt. Soon to be concrete ...

That's it - the future driveway. It's dirt now - but soon will be covered in concrete.
We're just working out all the details .... As soon as the driveway is in, we'll be able to finish the wood fence on the right.

Backyard update - WARNING: dust levels are high!

This little patch of dirt is outside our back/side door - eventually, it will have garden boxes and we'll fill them with all our favorite garden veggies ... Sprinklers are in and good to go!
We worked most of Saturday on pulling all the weeds in our backyard and clearing all the firewood off the lawn. This was a dusty, dirty job. Allergies were on high alert :) ...

While at this year's Parade of Homes, I heard a man ask the builder of one of the homes how much additional it would be to have the landscaping done on a house and the builder told him it would be $50,000. Wow huh? So with each project we take on and conquer, I keep thinking - just keep working and saving money, just keep working!
Tory with the rototiller - the ground has not been watered all year so the dust storm was pretty impressive. We are so excited to get the grass in and the concrete poured back here.
Another shot of the little future garden zone ... I see tomatoes, squash and strawberries!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My favorite kitchen from the 2011 Parade of Homes

I love the big lights over the kitchen island ... so romantic.

Check out those beautiful dark floors - such a nice contrast with the light cabinets and tile.
The walls in this Mediterranean style home were painted a light purple. It was so elegant and welcoming!

I loved the counter tops.
Nice touch with the black sink ...
Love the cabinets.
Look at that tile work ... simply beautiful.

Home number 22 - Builder: Brett Lott