Friday, May 27, 2011

The hutch with a hint of blue.

dishes with a hint of blue glass ... :)

My latest vintage find ...

Fostoria "Moonstone" - I found these beautiful glasses at a second hand shop this week and was SO thrilled by the price.

rose fabric.

Check out that rose fabric on the chair - I love it. It has a vintage feel and the colors are perfect.

Celebrating 18 years together!

Roses ... from my husband.
{Red Roses} -

Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say "I love you." The red rose has long symbolized beauty and perfection.

Thanks sweetheart - I love you too!

i love you ...

My husband and I recently celebrated out 18 year anniversary -- as part of the fun - I made yummy food and decorated it with hearts and love...!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A room (with a view) ...

I decorated this room (a few weeks ago) using some of my vintage, shabby finds ... love how it turned out.

A red wreath on the door...

I took my red wreath tied a ribbon around it and hung it from the door = instant warmth and happiness!

A touch of pink ...

I bumped into these pillows a few weeks ago and knew they had to come home with me! I love the butterflies on the print and the pop of pink ...
Fabric on the pillows: Waverly April in Paris Watermelon

This front room is happy, inviting and calm ... Yup, it's home sweet home!

the red hutch with a touch of black and white ...

The dining room on a Sunny afternoon in May ...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some favorites at IKEA ---

I like that white chair ... didn't have room in the car but I did bring home the pillow :)
I like the rose fabric on that love seat - so romantic...
Would love this big map in the hallway :) ...
Could see this happy red chair in my front room - would add a major pop or cheer! :)

ONE bathroom.

If you have ever been in one of these old, letter homes, you'll know that there is usually only ONE bathroom! For the life of me I can't figure out why the ONE bathroom is at the top of the stairs - but it is! There is no bathroom on the main floor. There is no bathroom in the basement. If you have to go - you have to run up an entire flight of stairs to reach the restroom.

This has been an adventure for our family of FIVE!! I had my doubts at the beginning as to how we would ever survive with ONE bathroom at the top of the stairs - but I am happy to report that we've made it work.

And I'm happy to report that plans for bathroom number TWO are in the works!! :)

On the days (like today) when I have a moment to reflect on the journey of this old place I find myself smiling and in amazement at all we've been able to accomplish with just ONE bathroom.

My birthday in the old/new house ... (looking back)

I bumped into this photo today and it made me smile ... This photo was taken last year on my birthday! New carpet was to be installed the next day and there was so much to do. I remember putting on my yucky work clothes and thinking "I don't want to spend my birthday doing this!"

Please note the black earrings - :) I think that was my simple way of celebrating my big day!! It's funny how a little thing like a pair of fancy earrings can help make things better.

My parents stopped by and we worked on getting those stairs ready way into the night ... My mom helped me paint the basement and we enjoyed spending the day together. I think we even sang "Happy Birthday" to me a couple of times!

Every time I walk up the stairs in this new, old house - I think of that day and how much I appreciate all the help we received along the way!

I'm so grateful for friends and family who join us and helped make this house journey better, brighter and a lot more fun! :)