Friday, September 24, 2010

French country ...

I was able to walk through several houses as part of the Parade of Homes and fell in love with this home and the style/decor ... French country and so inviting.

Simple. Elegant. Lovely.

Love the light pictured in this nursery ... so elegant!

A message in the kitchen ...

A chalkboard pantry door - love it! I want to refinish the old pantry door in the kitchen to be something like the one pictured above.


There is something really charming about an old black chair with funky black and white fabric.


White - love the simplicity. love the peace. love the calm it brings.
Black and white - fun but too busy for me.

Time ... It's that precious thing that we all try to figure out how to get more of :)!!
I had a little this week and so I found myself experimenting with fabric in the kitchen ...
I liked the black fabric at first for the curtain but after a bit - found myself with a throbbing headache. Too busy! So, I made a curtain in simple white and found peace.

Where we gather ...

The dining room ... A place to gather as a family. A place to collect your thoughts. A place to feel grateful. A place to just BE ...


Ahhhh feel the love.

Pillow fun -

Amazing how pillows can add a pop of 'fun' and pizazz to a room - black and white = ta dah! :)

kitchen door pulls ...

I finally put the door pulls on (almost all the kitchen cabinets) ... It looks so nice. I love the black and white together. These knobs are perfect - I was lucky and was able to use the ones that were already on the cabinets before I painted them.

The magic ...

"... Yum! It smells like watermelon."
I love when the kids and/or my hubby come home from school/work and comment about the yummy food in the house. Makes me smile :). Makes it feel like home. Makes me want to hug everyone. Makes life good! :)

Windows from the 40's ...

I've got some very vintage, shabby windows on my back patio. I'm selling them for $10.00 each. Want one? :)

I feel a little sentimental about these old things ... they belong to the house and have stuck with it for a long time! Alas, I must release them and give them new homes.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Black and White.

I like that fabric with that chair ...
I might mix a few black and white fabrics on the chairs and add a little 'funk' to the room!
The hutch will be painted - red or cream. :) I like how this room is coming together ...

Restyle - an old table top gets a new look!

On one of my antique hunting adventures, I found an old table top - it was a checker board and I instantly thought it would make a fun chalk board for the wall.
I think I'll hang it in the dining room - tomorrow it might read: Bon Appetite!

On my wish list ...

Ask my kids this -Does your mom like wicker?
"NO. NOT at ALL." - They would reply.
Until I happened upon this red, wicker chair. I fell in love with it and think it would be fantastic on the back patio. Alas, I left it there to be admired by all who walk by it ... (it's a good thing too because my kids would have had a riot with the wicker teasing!)
PS - I added this red beauty to my 'house wish list' :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday night with the girls.

My sister, Katie - with Kallie, Emma and Lauren
Emma, Lauren and Kallie --- :)

Playing pretend ... Kallie, Lauren and Emma.

A gift for the house! Thanks for a fun Friday night ... We love you! :)

Snapshots (upstairs) ...

The bathroom.

The hallway upstairs ... don't you love that vintage light?! Me too! The old doors up here need to be repainted - that will be another day :)!

Kade's room. Love the old globe sitting on the floor!

Some snapshots.

I love the big window in the front room - lets in so much light! :)
Looking forward to finishing the trim, the baseboards and the entry way to the dining room.
The focus now is on the backyard!

C is for charming :) ...
C is for Christensen.

Still trying to decide what color to paint that corner hutch in the dining room ... hmmmm!