Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage bike charm.

Love this bike pillow - looks great in the front room with all the cream, white and touches of black.

No mudroom? No problem.

I've always wanted a mud room ... but since I don't have one, I've found the next best thing. They are over the door hooks! I love them ... you simply hang it over the top of the door and hang up all the stray jackets, sweatshirts and coats.

Solutions - I love them! :)

the purple curtain.

I have one purple curtain. It's in the dining room ... looks great with the red, black and white.

a new rug.

New rug for the front room - love the pattern and the colors!


Little red bar stool - refinished by me ... :)!

In the back ...

We are loving all the concrete - our goal is to get grass back here ... During spring break, the guys worked on building a little bike shed. We will one day get a garage back here but for now this works just fine.

The front door (with a touch of white) -

Since I painted the inside trim white - I decided to give the outside trim a fresh coat of white as well. This trim is so old and we will refinish it someday but for now ... the white paint does wonders!

Thanks White Paint - You make everything look good! :)

The front door ...

The trim around the front door needed white paint ... I pulled out the blue tape and got busy. It looks so nice with white trim!
And since I had all the stuff out - I painted a bunch of other trim around the house as well!
Amazing what paint can do for a room! :)

Art for the bedroom doors ...

I was asked to do a design workshop at my house back in February (I called it: Create Something Beautiful) and as part of the tour and class, I told the teenage girls that they could use stuff from around the house to add style to their spaces/rooms and lockers.

For example - The old doors upstairs have not been refinished yet (they are full of dings and desperately need new paint)... I used my son's artwork to make them look better.

How? I used framing tape and posted his art up! BOOM! Instant style and charm.
What do you have around your house that could use a little 'style update'?

Black and white roses ...

Open the little closet door ...

Look at those pretty shelves - wrapped in pretty contact paper :) ... I usually don't use contact paper but when I found this stuff - I just had to give it a try! I'm glad I did because it's easy to clean and it looks really nice tucked away in this little bathroom closet.
Magic Cover paper / black and white rose pattern.

The bathroom closet makeover ...

New contact paper - I really like the black and white roses ... so pretty.
The old wood shelves in the bathroom closet were covered with old, white paper. I ripped it off and covered it with the new stuff.
From Drab to Fab .... Ugh! It was such a little, horrible space in my house. Now it is so happy and when I open the door, I feel positive energy.
Ahhhh - a little shabby, a little new, a little old. It's just perfect!

The Shabby Chic Shower Curtain ...

Love this! I found this (on sale) at Target and felt like doing a little 'yahoo happy me' dance on the good price ... I found this the same day I found the towels and what happened next was amazing --- keep reading.

New Towels.

I made a quick stop into Target a couple of weekends ago and was surprised to see all their towels on sale! I love new towels ... anyhow, I found some really pretty industrial gray towels and some Shabby Chic white ones and just had to bring them home!
It's funny how new towels can inspire an entire bathroom 'makeover'! :)