Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest blog post by Interior Decorator - Tawna Allred

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I'm flattered to be asked to share a little bit about color and creating a space you'll love with you today!

My name is Tawna, and I'm a little country girl from Wyoming who loves all things French, interior design, and painting. You could say I've been using color my whole life. I graduated with my bachelor's degree in oil painting, then decided to do interior design school after my third beautiful baby. I started my own company called Reve Decor (Reve means "dream" in French) in 2009. That's a little about me, now let's talk about COLOR, your space, and how to turn it into a place you'll love.

Color is the secret weapon in interior design, and being able to control it and understand it is critical! Every room a designer puts together or a painter paints has a "scheme" that is used to create a mood. I'll break it down for you as simply as possible.

Blues, greens, whites, and sometimes grays are the the colors of calm and peace. Pastels also help create this feeling. Whenever someone is searching for this in their home, we start looking to these colors to help create the mood.

Reds, yellows, oranges, and all things "hot" bring happiness and energy into a space. If you feel like your home needs a little more of this, search for paint or accessories in these colors.

{image via House Beautiful}

{image via House Beautiful}

Dark colors, in high gloss tones, create a feeling of romance and drama. They say ,"I'm daring!" I hope one day to do a room like this for someone!
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So, when you are ready to re-do a space in your home, think what mood you desire most. Then, remember this post and make your selection. It sounds simple, but it's the first step I take every time I help someone.

The second thing I want you to do is gather one or more items that you love and incorporate them into the space. There's one picture I have to have seen in an important spot in my home. It is a snapshot I took of my son, and it makes me smile every time I see it. While I'm a horrible photographer, this shot was perfect! It captured a moment and his personality in an instant.
Wendy asked me to share 2-3 colors that I love and have used over and over again. There's only one color (or absence, if you will) I've used numerous times, and it is Valspar's Meringue (W2), which is my go-to white. After that, I have to say I usually find the best colors in Ralph Lauren!

They have the most beautiful shades, which seem more sophisticated than others. I've used "Khaki", which is a medium olive green with a little gray in my son's room, and I go to their blues over and over again!

Happy Decorating!
Remember to enjoy the process....don't rush it and let it work itself out!

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Thanks Tawna for sharing your tips and color ideas via my blog! I love your style.