Thursday, May 12, 2011

My birthday in the old/new house ... (looking back)

I bumped into this photo today and it made me smile ... This photo was taken last year on my birthday! New carpet was to be installed the next day and there was so much to do. I remember putting on my yucky work clothes and thinking "I don't want to spend my birthday doing this!"

Please note the black earrings - :) I think that was my simple way of celebrating my big day!! It's funny how a little thing like a pair of fancy earrings can help make things better.

My parents stopped by and we worked on getting those stairs ready way into the night ... My mom helped me paint the basement and we enjoyed spending the day together. I think we even sang "Happy Birthday" to me a couple of times!

Every time I walk up the stairs in this new, old house - I think of that day and how much I appreciate all the help we received along the way!

I'm so grateful for friends and family who join us and helped make this house journey better, brighter and a lot more fun! :)

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