Saturday, April 3, 2010

Refinishing the hardwood floors - Day 2 ...

Tory rented another sanding machine (this is machine number 3) from our local rental shop today and started sanding the floors again. We are refinishing the hardwood floors in the house and WOW it has been a wild adventure.
Upstairs room -

Second upstairs room ...

In the dust storm. There is sand covering everything in the house.

We sanded the floors 4 times - using different grades of sandpaper each time - 36, 60, 80 and then finished with 100. All this sanding has created a huge mess.

After a good vacuum and mop - the floors are almost ready to stain.

In addition to using the above sanding machine, we used a palm sander and a belt sander to remove all the existing stain and finish from the corners and edges of each room. This project is by far the most difficult and time consuming so far. We have the floors ready to stain in the front room, dining room and 2 of the upstairs bedrooms. Luckily, the third bedroom upstairs had great floors that didn't need refinishing.
Special thanks to Keni Gosney and Robert Lichfield for their help on Friday. :)

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