Saturday, April 3, 2010

Room #2 - Hardwood floors

Working notes: We stained each line prior to adding the stain to each wood plank. Why? We liked the look and feel of the floor (distressed style) so we didn't add wood putty to fill in the gaps between the planks. And in order to get the stain down in between each wood piece, we found that staining each individual line worked well.

We are learning as we go ... This one looks really good. We used a different application method this time and so the stain finish is a lot darker. We'll do the other room again later. (You have to wait 4 to 6 hours to add another coat of stain.)

Next step: After applying the stain, you wait at least 6 hours before you can add the finish to the floors. The finish is a clear polyurethane that you have to coat on 3 different times.
WOW huh?!

We are so thankful we have the two upstairs rooms to learn on before we hit the downstairs. We still have to stain and finish the living and dining room.
We had hoped to move in today - that was a BIG goal. And it didn't happen. We'll keep working! :)

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