Sunday, June 6, 2010

The bathroom (before and after) ...

{Before} ...

{After} ...

We bought this house without ever seeing inside of it first. We looked around it and peeked in the windows and then bought it. I was a little nervous about what the insides would be like and was really happy when we stepped inside and saw that it had GREAT potential.

This is the only bathroom in the house and this has been a big adjustment for all of us! Take a number and wait your turn ... :) We are working on getting a second bathroom!

I like how this little space turned out. It still needs trim and baseboard and I need to refinish both doors.
Tory did a great job on the tile in the shower and the floor. I especially like the subway tile above the shower.
Tidbit about the toilet paper holder: I went to find a new one at Home Depot (like the one pictured above) and asked the guy in the bathroom section if he could help me find one like it - I took it with me to the store. He laughed and said: "I'm pretty sure that's from like the 40's and we don't have one like that."
We really wanted to keep a few of the old parts of the house so the toilet paper holder stayed :)

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