Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For the front door ...

It's possible that the new doors will be installed tomorrow. I had so much fun today choosing the door hardware ... Took me an hour (and then some) to finally decide. There were three different styles in this color to choose from! I decided this would go well with the make/style of the house. {I love it!}

All these choices. So little time. :)

PS: I picked up more paint while I was out and about - Now I can get to work on the dining room and the kitchen. Let the fun continue ...


  1. Hey Wend - I love going through this process with you! The front door hardware is fabulous! Keep the posts coming, I love it!

    Love you~ A

  2. Amy & Jennie - Thanks for being here with me! This has been such a fun adventure... (at times stressful) but all in all very good! My favorite part is picking out the stuff. It all seems to be flowing together so that makes me happy. Our 'move in' date is the end of March!