Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take a trip with me to HOME DEPOT ...

The hunt for hinges started on Friday morning! I stopped first at the Home Depot in West Richland to find the black hinges for the kitchen cabinets. No luck - they were still sold out. Not to lose hope though, the Home Depot in Kennewick (on 395) had 52 packages on hand. I only needed 18. So I loaded the 'road trip' music in the car and headed off for the hinges.
Home Depot guy: "Can I help you find anything?"
Wendy: "Thanks! I have everything I need!" :)

Mission accomplished - 19 packages of hinges. I bought one extra just in case.

Couldn't help wandering about the store checking out the bathroom sinks and such.

Ohhhh ahhhhh ...

And of course .... I had to slow down for a moment or two to check out the lights.

Next stop - the new (old) house.
Music for the drive - The Eagles.
Thanks for joining me on this trip :)!!

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