Friday, February 5, 2010

The dining room in Taupe 3 ...

Rainy day reflections:
9:00 AM - started to paint. I am happy to report that I like the brown - I like how it feels. I was going to paint it a deep red but decided to accent with red and stick to a neutral wall color.

Little color tidbit:
The wall in the front room is a shade darker than the one in the dining room. I used Taupe 3 in the dinning room and Taupe 4 in the front room... we'll see if it flows when we get all the trim up and the pellet stove in the corner. One thing about it - a wall color can quickly be changed.
No plans to go to Home Depot today. Ahhhhhh! :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi there- Love love your blog! Have been looking through it for about an hour. I happened to stumble upon it as I am looking to paint my room Laura Ashley's Taupe 3 and your blog popped up when I googled it. However, from the pictures I am liking the color you have in your daughter Laura's room. Do you have the name of that paint? I like the Taupe 3 but it is looking as if it might have a pink tint to it? Thanks so much! And BEAUTIFUL home!