Thursday, April 1, 2010

Join me for a moment at Lowe's ...

There I am just hanging out in Lowe's with my little Lowe's shopping bucket :)
I looked up and saw the microwave I wanted on the clearance isle... Yahooo! I love it when we get a good bargain. It was their display model and now it's ours. The price reduction was $200.00 - SAY WOW out loud with me ... "WOW"

Then I bumped into the oven I want :) ... It's a beauty and will match the fridge and the microwave!

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  1. wow Wendy, You guys are doing such a fantastic job, it is going to be so worth all the work when you are done, I am so excited for you. I love keeping up on your blog, and can't believe you take the time to update with all that you have going on. I can hardly keep up on mine. Love you. Jen