Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reflections on a Tuesday morning ...

I had a couple of hours to spend in the house today and started by trying to dig up some more of the floor. After a about 20 minutes of ripping up the layers and trying to pull out nails - I decided I could best use my time by cleaning. I'm good at that ... :) Don't you find that when things are clean and in order - your life goes better and your mind becomes uncluttered too?

Thank heavens for the shop vac - this thing is amazing. (Black vacuum pictured above).

Ahhhh no more gunk on top of the layers. Just rows of nails and layers of old material that needs to be ripped out.

I had the back/side door open so the sunshine could just spill inside - it felt wonderful!

A little helping of the nails... I can't get over how many we have ripped out of the floor.

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