Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanging the lights: TAKE 1 -

Setting the scene: Monday night my Dad comes over after work to help me hang 3 lights.
This is one of them... It's a classic from the 60s (I think?) ... missing parts, needs another coat of black paint ... failed attempt.

Second light - just like the one described above. This one is going to hang way up in the stair well... More problems. My Dad is the most patient, kind person in the world. I love him.

He's also very brave ... I wouldn't get up that high and play with electrical lines... would you?!
Check out the house via the window - that's how high up he was. I was nervous just watching it. He was cool as ice. We were able to get everything ready and the next time he comes over - we should be able to hang the lights and turn them on.
Not pictured: The dining room light. It was missing a few parts too. I found them today at Home Depot and we'll try it again on another night.
Thanks Dad! The next time you're here - we'll have this place full of funky, old lights - THAT WORK ... :)

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