Saturday, March 13, 2010

Down in the basement ...

We painted the kitchen shelves down here ... You can see outlines of them in white :)
All the appliances are being delivered today so I figured I'd better go downstairs and try to clean and make room for the washer and dryer. Let me just say that this was a dirty job... this place is screaming for a make-over. Yipes.

I decided it needed some light so I pained the back wall and the work bench cream. I need to take a few more photos to show the latest progress. The washer and dryer will go before this section. We'll focus on the basement this summer. It needs a lot of attention and updates.
Letterhomes tidbit: The historic part of our city are the letter homes. They were built back in the 1940's as temporary housing for the Hanford workers. Most of these homes did not have the basements completely dug out when they were built. As time went by, people eventually dug them out to expand their living space. We are lucky that this old house has the basement completely dug out. Most of it is finished and we'll create some magic with it later.
PS: This section pictured above is the scary part! :) Yesterday was the first time I've really worked down there. It's looking much better now. I was convinced that a little, old Troll man lived down there and I really just didn't want to bother him. It's too clean now for him so hopefully he found a new home! :) Goodbye Troll man - happy trails to you!

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