Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday morning snapshots ... (and thoughts)

The stove will go in between the bar/island and the long counter on the right of the above photo. We want a stove that will be black and stainless steel. We have yet to find just the right one.
This kitchen has a really nice feel and flow to it ... I'm thrilled that it is coming together so well.

I love the color of those cabinets and the contrast with the black. The taupe adds a nice, peaceful feel to the room. What to do for counter tops? Hmmmmmmmmmm...

A view from the corner of the dining room. Thank heavens for spring break - we have an entire week to work and get moved in. :) GO TEAM!

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  1. Wendy you guys have made so much progress. I feel for you with all the work and effort that has gone into it. We've redone both of our kids rooms, and it felt like a forever huge project just repainting and decorating. My hat off to you and Tory. Can't wait to see the finished product with you all moved in!