Thursday, January 6, 2011

The doors.

Bathroom linen/supply closet door ... Check out the door knob! I love all the old doors and the old trim in this house. We kept all the trim around the windows and the original doors. I figured they earned the right to stay!

That's a 67 year old door knob... Screaming with personality, wisdom and charm.

Love it.

That's the inside knob of the upstairs linen closet. I keep thinking I'll restore them and strip the old paint off ... but I'm leaning towards letting them show their years/history and paint stories.

Another upstairs closet inside hook knob.

An old black door knob - aged to perfection! :)

When we were going through the house and taking everything (and I mean everything apart), we lost the little screw that goes to this old door knob...bummer I know! So for now it looks like this. :) Notice the little hole in the door for the door knob - vintage.
Someday, I hope to get the doors repainted ... but for now, we're just enjoying their age and charm.

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