Friday, January 14, 2011

The mantle gets a restyle ...

See that mantle pictured above? I bumped into that piece while we were on a family trip. It was in an old shop in a little, old town and we were on our way home from a day hike! When I saw it - I knew it had great potential and needed to come home with us. Luckily, the lady wanted to sell it and luckily we had room in our truck! (This was before we bought this old/new house of ours).

I painted it and gave it a 'Wendy makeover' and stored it. Then when we moved into this place, it didn't fit in the fireplace location ... I just couldn't get rid of it! What to do?

We decided we could use it in the corner to hold our TV and gave it a restyle. We added some bead board to the back of it and secured two shelves in the middle = instant WOW!
I love finding new uses for old pieces.

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