Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something old from my past ...

This saw horse holds many memories for me! When I was about 5 years old, my mom and dad decided to remodel their home. This was no small task as the addition was huge! Many of my memories as a kid involve construction and house fix-ups. I remember the day we got carpet, I remember the day we poured cement for the basement and I remember the saw horse pictured above.

My Grandpa - Evan P. Call was quite the builder. In fact, he built some of the very first hotels in Afton, Wyoming. My Dad who was in love with my Mom from the moment he set eyes on her lived in Afton too. (That's another story but as we know they ended up together and are still madly in love). Much of what my Dad knows about building and fixing up houses comes from his learning and working with my Grandpa.

I remember my Grandpa Call came to visit us when I was younger. His visit was mainly to help with our big house project. And while there - he built two saw horses for my dad to use during his restore and restyle adventure. (See one of them pictured above).

As I was painting yesterday a flood of memories came to my mind about my Grandpa Call and my growing up years ... It was fun to take a walk down memory lane.

PS: I love how objects from the past can bring such wonderful moments back to the present. I feel thankful to my Grandpa for teaching my Dad how to build and for my dad who continues to share that knowledge so graciously! Thank heavens the saw horses are still around so we can use them with our 'construction madness' ...

OK back to work! :)

My Mom and her brothers and sisters are restoring my Grandma and Grandpa Call's farm in Wyoming! See the blog below - (I spent many summers as a kid in Wyoming and my brother, Travis is buried in Afton, WY). This place is very dear to my heart ... :)

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