Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday morning thoughts.

You know what makes this house project so fun? It's a family thing! We're all working on it and have a say in what we want it to be like. We sold our other house - got rid of practically everything we owned and now we get to choose all new. It's like a new beginning.

For Christmas my family surprised me with a RED Martha Stewart cookware set. I was giddy out of my mind! (Funny the things that matter more at certain times than others). Now I at least have something to cook with when we move! It will be fun to restock the kitchen and fill it with all the things we need.

I like thinking about all this house stuff! And at night before I drift off to sleep I think about colors, patterns, flatware, dishes, rugs, curtains and furniture. This project gives my mind a creative outlet to plan and get really excited about! And if you really know me - you know that creativity is the main component of my nature :) ...!

Thanks for sharing the adventure with us ... Cheers to the little moments that make us smile, laugh, cry, dance, grow, learn and become.

I can tell that this year is going to be a grand adventure! :)

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