Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inspiration from the weeds (in the back yard) ...

The grey pictured above is the concrete run off from the concrete work in the back yard.

More concrete debris.
Weeds that never give up!
The big old 1970s Ford truck - full of 'leftovers' from several projects! Someday soon, we'll get it up and running again and take all that junk to the landfill.

If you have ever done construction, or a big yard project or any hard work at all, you'll know that the clean-up and the mess is part of the journey!
About the weeds in the backyard ... they are there. They won't go away, they want to live and grow like mad in the back of our house. I've decided to just appreciate them for now - and I close my eyes and see green grass and pretty flowers and know that someday the weeds will be gone. :)
And I let them inspire me to keep thriving, living and growing!
This house project has and continues to teach me a GREAT deal about patience and appreciation.

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