Saturday, June 25, 2011

Making progress - with the fence.

The work outside has been going on for a long time ...

It was so great to see the fence going up on the front of the house! I love how the fence improves the look and feel of this place. And the privacy is priceless.
We were able to get the underground sprinkler system in - yahoo!
The backyard - full of weeds ... lots to do back here. Yes, we are dreaming of green, green grass and BBQs on the back patio. :)
The fence crew - My heroes - Tory, Kaleb & Kade.
Looking good.
The fence off to the side of the house - close to the back door.


  1. I love seeing your updates, Wendy! Someday when I have an alphabet home I will be using your blog as a guide to redoing mine! Right now I'll just live my dream through reading your blog!

  2. Tallia,THANK YOU! :) Let me know when you get your letter home - and keep a blog so I can be part of your amazing fix-it-up adventure!